Saturday, April 7, 2012

Problem Solving Skillz

I saw on Pinterest that you can make a candle in an egg! So with easter coming up, I figured now was the best time to try this thing. So as you may have noticed in the pictures of my candles/crayons, my wicks were super of center. I decided to place the wick in after I poured in the wax which created the issue of getting the wick to stand up straight versus crumbling to the side and half drown in wax {which happened in the last post}. Not to shabby for what I found in "the junk drawer"

Was this actually as useful as I thought?
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Thursday, April 5, 2012

DIY: Candles and Crayons

Don't try to make these in
to a candle for your own good
So I saw on Pinterest that you could remake old crayons into new ones in the oven. So I thought I’d try it because I have tons of crayons from like 10 years ago. I had the idea that I would make candles. The plan basically was to follow the remake crayons instructions but I’d put a wick {twine} in the middle of the crayons. Clearly this was poorly thought out, but I did it any way. It survived the oven and hardened okay but it turns out crayons:

A: smell awful
B: don't burn {or melt or whatever like candle wax}. I guess parents didn't want their child's coloring supplies to do that.

 No, it didn't burn our house down or anything it just burned through the wick that stopped and than it just kind of died. So I was pretty bummed 'cause now I’ve got two "candles" that can't do any thing but color. And even that it really hard to do due to the shape of the candles/crayons {they were hearts}.

Then I remembered that I own bees wax because a while ago a friends of a friends taught me how to make an encaustic {like a collage 'cept more artsy and with bees wax over it oh! and no, I could not spell that by my self}, Which is really time consuming so, never did it again. So, I’ve got like 2 pounds of bees wax in my room. And I remembered that you could make candles out of bees wax because I saw a guy selling them for like 50 bucks on our local, hipster, foot-mall. So I’m like "YEAH! Man, I am so artsy!"

This is the the bees wax
I use it's called "Jacquard"
So I figured I might as well make an instructional post on how to make candles the super easy way.
You'll Need:
-Twine {this is the wick}
-Grater or something to break wax into small pieces

1st, cut of 2 inches of twine, wick, and place it in your mold.
2nd, you're going to want to split your wax into small {really doesn't need to be super small or anything just small chunks} pieces of shavings and pour the shavings into your mold trying to make your wick stand up straight, make sure you're mold it is very, very full. I left mine about half full and when melted and hardened it was a very thin candle. 
Heart Candles vs.
Crayon Candle failure
3rd, fill molds for as many candles as you want.
4th, Place mold in oven at 230 degrees for 15 minutes.
5th, remove your mold from the oven and let them cool. You will think they are cool when they aren't wait way longer than you think or when you take them out they'll have little wrinkles. If the mold is silicone they will just kind of pop out.

Happy candling! {that was SO cheesy! ohmygawsh that was bad}
Yeah well any way, have fun and what not,